Hello there, and thanks for visiting my music pages at The Madrigal Project. This is a presentation of my personal work over the years and features each of my major instrumental albums. Select 'Music' on the left and then choose a link to view the information for a particular album and related cover artworks. Extracts from the music can be downloaded where the track title is a hyperlink. Full album streaming and downloads are now available from my Bandcamp page.

My life revolves around music in one form or another, and this has been the case for many years. Strongly influenced by the 70's progressive era (mainly the work of King Crimson, Genesis, Mike Oldfield and Yes), music slowly crept up on me as being a deeply powerful Artform; more than an attachment to fond memories, more than a chance ordering of sounds, more even than a culturally defined tradition of sound. As time went on and my influences moved into the world of atmospheric electronic music (Tangerine Dream, Robert Fripp, Kenji Kawai), it became ever clearer that music was indeed a language all its own - a sonic language - and it was something I had to be a part of.

Not being involved in music in any academic capacity, my beginnings as a performer and composer grew instead from personal development, which in the long run I found crucial in shedding off common approaches to conceiving and developing music. What tends to be taught is a very distanced analysis of sound, playing from memory and charted styles, and the encouragement to follow visually written music. I feel all this creates a gap in our intimacy with music, adding a process that makes composition less immediate and pure. My approach is to work from the very foundation that every note must be the right one, recreating the form and pace of a perception, a thought, through the arrangement of sound in time and space. Every time this happens it should be new, unscripted, direct. My work is born from these convictions, and in what I create I intend to always offer a strong concept.

Most recently, my interest has grown in the use of music as an integral part of other projects such as film and computer game soundtracks. The potential for these collaborative media is something I find extremely exciting, and is an avenue I currently pursue at a professional level.